How Credit Scores Are Calculated

How Credit Scores Are Calculated - Western Shamrock

When you’re applying for a loan, credit card, or mortgage, one of the first things your lender will check is your FICO credit score. This three-digit score is a factor in almost all types of financial considerations. It can mean the difference between a low-interest payment and a payment that’s far beyond your budget or, […]

5 Myths About IRS Audits

IRS Audits

Tax season can trigger all sorts of questions for many small business owners. Words like deductions, gross income, and exemptions can be daunting, but no term strikes as much anxiety as the word “audit.” An IRS Audit is a formal review of a business or individual’s bank accounts, assets, and financial documentation to report profits […]

What You Should Know About the New Child Tax Credit

What You Should Know About the New Child Tax Credit

The COVID-19 pandemic has created extreme financial strain for many American families, and the recently passed American Rescue Plan includes several measures aimed at easing this burden for average American families. One of the most important changes you should understand for the purposes of filing your 2021 tax returns next year is the change to […]

How Loans Can Affect Your Credit

How Loans Can Affect Your Credit

Personal loans can have a significant impact on your credit. Depending on how a loan is handled, the impact can be either harmful or beneficial. There are many factors that can affect your credit when applying for, opening, repaying, or closing a personal loan. Not all of the factors are equal, but they can all […]

Tax Withholdings and Your W-4

W4 Document

With the events of the past year, the federal deadline for taxes has been postponed. In 2021, you have until Monday, May 17th, to file your taxes and make payments without incurring interest or any other penalties, no matter how much you owe. Regardless of whether you have already filed your taxes, or are waiting […]

Does Refinancing Your Car Hurt Your Credit?

Car Refinancing

Refinancing a car allows you to take on a new loan to pay off your previous balance. You’ll have a new interest rate, along with new loan terms to be paid via a fixed payment over a certain period of time. After refinancing is complete, your new lender will send a payment to the original […]

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