Loans for Vacation and Travel Expenses

Need assistance in funding your family vacation? Travel installment loans can help bridge the gap between your vacation and next paycheck. From cruises and airline flights to road trips, traveling is costly no matter which route you take. In addition to transportation, travelers need to factor in the costs of meals, hotel accommodations, insurance, and entertainment. Vacations, even if they are within the same state, can disturb your regular budgeting plans. Reduce stress by financing your trip with a travel installment loan.

Benefits of Installment Loans

Traditional installment loans involve a lender giving borrowers a lump sum of money that is later repaid, with interest, in a series of monthly installments. Previous to receiving money, the borrower applies for the loan and terms of the agreement such as duration of the payment plan are decided upon acceptance. Similar to paying for a new phone through your service provider, installment loans make vacations more affordable by spanning out how soon you are expected to pay for them.

What We Offer

Western Shamrock offers installment loans for a variety of purposes, including travel and vacation excursions. The final loan amount and terms of the loan will ultimately impact the amount and duration of installment payments. In determining whether or not to approve a loan, we consider a number of factors. These include the applicant’s credit history, income, and availability of collateral to secure the loan. Applicant exclusions include individuals below the age of 18, those serving in the military and their dependents.

Loan applicants can receive a follow up as soon as half an hour after submitting their application. Offers are made on the basis of debt-to-income ratio, among other previously stated factors, instead of an individual credit score. We understand that there is more to financial eligibility than your credit, and we evaluate all of these factors to give applicants a better chance of getting approved.

Installment Loans for Travel and Vacation Purposes

Have you considered applying for a travel loan to help fund your next vacation? Western Shamrock offers both secured and unsecured installment loans. Contact us today to discover your options and see why so many people choose Western Shamrock as their loan provider.