Electronics Financing with Monthly Payments

From video game consoles for the kids to home office equipment for new business ventures, there is no doubt that electronic devices make our lives easier and more entertaining. With the rise of connected smart home devices like smartphone-controlled cameras, lights, and thermostats, consumer electronics will continue to proliferate the life at home for many. Technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Although these accessories bring ease, convenience can be costly. Prioritizing funds in a well-crafted budget for such high-cost purchases can be difficult, if not impossible. This is where lease-to-own programs and similar financing options offer a solution. They allow you to finance home electronics like hi-def TV’s, desktop computers, and digital cameras as opposed to breaking the bank with a lump-sum purchase.

Consumer Financing Options for Electronic Goods

Western Shamrock offers sales lines of credit, as opposed to rent-to-own and lease-to-own programs. Both options may require no money down or credit, and both may offer monthly payment solutions for high-dollar purchases. The differences, however, lie in the condition of the products being purchased. Rent-to-own offerings sell pre-owned or “like new” items, while lease-to-own financing retails exclusively brand-new items. Unlike lease-to-own programs, when consumers purchase brand new goods with a sales line of credit, they get to take ownership of their purchases immediately.

Western Shamrock Lines of Credit

Western Shamrock provides retail items for sale at our branch locations. Existing installment loan customers can take advantage of our line of credit offers. A sales line of credit through Western Shamrock gives customers access to funds that are available at any time to pay for the big-ticket items that they need or want. In turn, customers will arrange to make fixed monthly repayments on their purchase for a set period of time. All payments are accepted in-person at any of our Western Shamrock locations.

Qualifying for a personal sales line of credit is subject to credit history and financial well-being. Sales line of credit accounts are separate from installment loan accounts and require two separate applications. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and Western Shamrock cannot open credit lines to military members and their dependents.

Come See Our Products!

Having a sales line of credit with built-in flexibility helps customers purchase the products that they need without worry. Western Shamrock has multiple, nationwide branches for to provide in-person customer services to our clients, in addition to standard phone and online customer service options. Customers can find more general loan information on our website but will need to come into a branch to browse our retail selection and fill out an application. Why wait? Contact us or stop into a branch today to speak to one of our friendly representatives!