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Outdoor Items 25% off

Appliances 25% off

Laptops & Tablets 15%

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Payment is not due until November 2023

Valid from October 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023.

No Payments Until October 1, 2023 .

Personal Line of Credit

Having the ability to finance large household purchases when funds are low provides economic security for many families. A personal line of credit can serve as an access point to high-ticket expenses such as new appliances to replace older models, education costs, laptops, technology upgrades, outdoor equipment, etc.

Financing Your Next Purchase

A sales line of credit, otherwise known as a personal line of credit, allows consumers to finance high-cost purchases that they might not be able to pay for in one lump sum. Similar to leasing, when a customer purchases an item on a sales line of credit, he or she is able to take the item home and fully utilize it as their own without the stress of having to pay for the full amount at the time of purchase. Western Shamrock sells a variety of retail items at our branch locations that existing loan customers can purchase by opening a sales line of credit.

The application and repayment process for sales lines of credit is similar to that for installment loans; the buyer opens the line of credit and contracts to make regular monthly payments toward the specified purchase. Western Shamrock's sales line of credit program is available to pre-existing loan customers. Qualifying credit line amounts are based upon a variety of factors including analysis of credit of history, income availability, collateral, and other financial obligations. Applicants must be 18 years of age, and fixed monthly payments are made in-branch by cash, card, check, or money order. Western Shamrock cannot provide financing to military personnel or their dependents.

Sales Lines of Credit vs Rent-to-Own

Purchasing items on a sales line of credit has similarities and differences to using items on a rent-to-own financing program. Items purchased on a line of credit are typically brand new, while rent-to-own items can often be in “Like New” or “Used” condition. On rent-to-own programs, consumers rent refurbished or "like new" products without having to commit to purchasing the items at the end of their rental term. This flexible option allows renters, in the event of hardship, to freeze payments by returning items to the lessor. While rent-to-own items remain the property of the lessor unless a purchase agreement is made, items purchased on a sales line of credit immediately become the property of the purchaser.

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A sales line of credit gives consumers access to vital goods and services by providing them with flexible payment options. We want to make our products as accessible as possible, which is why Western Shamrock lending decisions are based on debt-to-income ratio and credit history, as well as employment and residency stability.

With brick and mortar branch services nationwide, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer service. Visit us and speak to one of our friendly representatives to take home your purchase same day. Stop by a branch to view our products or contact us today to find out how our lines of credit or installment loans can help you.

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  • iPad/Kindle/Galaxy Tablets
  • Laptops & Mini Laptops
  • Portable DVD Players & Blu-ray DVD Players
  • Stereos & Home Theater Systems
  • Digital Cameras & HD Digital Camcorders
  • Wii-U, Nintendo DSi XL & Nintendo DSi 3D
  • PS3, PSP Vita, PS4
  • Xbox 360 & Xbox One
  • Vacuums & Microwaves
  • Gas & Electric Stoves
  • Freezers & Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers & Dryers
  • Weed Eaters & Leaf Blowers
  • Outdoor Grills (in several locations)
  • TV’s (Various sizes and brands)
  • Air Conditioners & Heaters
  • Push Mowers
  • GPS Systems
  • Designer Purses (MK & Coach)

Not all items available in every location