Loans for Medical Bills

When accidents happen and health insurance leaves much to be covered, individuals may seek loans to help pay the remainder of their medical bills. While good health remains priceless, every household does experience medical expenses from time to time. Even comprehensive health insurance policies cannot cover the myriad of expenses or possible scenarios that might occur at the hospital. Traditional installment loans are a convenient alternative to unexpected debt.

About Medical Installment Loans

Lenders who provide traditional installment loans dispense the total amount of the loan to the borrower in one payment. The approved amount, interest, and repayment plan of the loan is pre-determined by the lender and borrower. After the borrower has received their money, they begin repaying the loan in a set of regular monthly installments. The duration of these installments is determined by the size of the loan and how much the borrower can afford to pay each month. Because personal installment loans can be used for any expense, they may be taken out to be used as medical loans to cover health-related expenses.

Why Western Shamrock

Customers of Western Shamrock can apply for traditional installment loans to help pay for their medical expenses. We base our loan decision upon more than a single credit score number. In fact, we evaluate the applicant’s complete debt-to-income ratio to determine loan eligibility. Factors such as an applicant’s annual income, credit history, and available collateral for the loan may impact an applicant’s eligibility and their options for repayment if accepted.

Western Shamrock offers customers either secured or unsecured installment loans. Only individuals who are at least 18 years or older may apply. Military personnel and their dependents are not eligible to apply. Vehicle titles can be used as collateral for secured loans.

Choosing a Medical Loan Provider

An installment loan for medical expenses offers a solution for people scrambling to pay unplanned healthcare bills. Customers and their families appreciate the consideration and exceptional service provided by the Western Shamrock team. We accept payments for installment loans in person in the form of debit cards, checks, money orders, and cash.

We work hard to provide exceptional customer service. We understand that customers might be pressed for time when it comes to needing money. Representatives can contact you as soon as half an hour after applying to collect additional information and make a loan offer. Come into a branch location to receive funds for your unexpected medical expenses. Contact us today to see which loan is best for your situation!