Loans to Help with Car Payments

The ability to commute is essential in the United States, and in areas where public transportation is underdeveloped, personal vehicles can be a necessary expense that take up a substantial portion of an individual’s budget. Regardless of whether you are buying a car new, pre-owned, leasing, or financing, the cost of having and maintaining a car is expensive. If the need for a purchase arises that can add to regular vehicle expenses, a car owner may consider requesting an unsecured or secured installment loan to help make their car payment. Installment loans are temporary solutions to unexpected financial situations and differ from long-term auto finance loans. Applicants frequently apply for installment loans to assist with the purchase of new tires, boat trailers, engine upgrades, and other auto-related features not included within conventional auto financing packages.

Benefits of Loans

A driver might seek traditional installment loans when their vehicle needs additional service work or upgrades outside of their monthly auto budget. Traditional installment loans provide the borrower with funds that are later repaid in a series of fixed installments. Qualified loan applicants will receive a loan offer that outlines the loan amount, duration of the repayment period and percentage of interest based on the applicant’s history. Installment loans make large purchases affordable by spanning out their payments.

What We Offer

We offer secured and unsecured installment loans, and borrowers cannot pledge items that have already been pledged to another loan for collateral. Western Shamrock installment loans may be used to help cover auto expenses, including vehicle service and maintenance, upgrades, or to temporarily help cover payments on an existing auto finance loan.

An applicant’s total debt-to-income ratio enters into the decision-making process alongside their income, credit history, and available collateral. Applicants must be at least 18 years or older and cannot be serving in the military nor a dependent of military personnel.

Why Installment Loans May Appeal to Car Owners

Individuals seeking installment loans should turn to Western Shamrock because we strive to offer excellent customer service. In addition to offering online and over-the-phone service, we maintain multiple branches across the nation for face-to-face service and loan repayment. Applicants can expect a follow up from one of our representatives as soon as half an hour after an application submission. Contact us today and get started on your vehicle’s next upgrade!