Monthly Payments for Laptop and Computer Purchases

Finding room in a stretched budget for technology upgrades such as new laptops or tablets can be a tough task for consumers in the digital age. With a retail value of $600 or more, it often seems easier to keep an older model up and running for as long as possible than swallow the costs of a better edition. However, with life, school, and business becoming increasingly digitized, having the most optimal, up to date piece of hardware can mean all the difference. Technology is no longer a want, but a need if one wishes to succeed in today’s economy. Western Shamrock wants to help you finance your next big purchase.

What is Lease to Own?

Lease to own financing is a popular option for those who may not be able to afford thousand-dollar technology such as a new MacBook in one lump sum. By financing these products with a payment plan, we allow individuals to continue paying for their bills, education, and other immediate deadlines while still enjoying the technology that they need. With a sales line of credit from Western Shamrock, customers can browse and purchase retail items at branch locations and contract to make regular monthly payments in return. Existing installment loan customers can enjoy the many benefits of the lease to own/sales line of credit program provided.

A Better Alternative

Potential customers researching financing options will come across lease-to-own and rent-to-own models. While rent-to-own customers seek products on a trial basis, lease-to-own is intended to eventually own the product. Once the borrower finishes repaying their lender, then they have full ownership of the product that they were leasing. Rent-to-buy is a more lenient process that does not guarantee ownership at the end of the contract. When deciding on either option, the consumer should be aware that lease-to-own financing for products often require a credit check. This should not be an issue for already established Western Shamrock customers.

Our Offerings

Western Shamrock issues both secured and unsecured credit lines in amounts of up to $2,000 depending on location. To apply, applicants must be at least 18 years old. Similar to our installment loans, lending decisions on loan applications are based on an assessment of credit history, financial obligations, income, and available collateral if applicable. Unlike other offerings, sales line of credit applications must be completed in-branch as they involve items housed at our locations. Cash, check, money orders, and debit cards are our acceptable forms of repayment.

Stop by Today!

A sales line of credit can be invaluable during times of financial hardship, and frugality. Financing big-ticket items as opposed to outright purchase helps to bridge the financial gap. Western Shamrock has multiple branches nationwide for convenience of service, and issues can be handled face-to-face as well as by standard phone and online customer servive. Branch representatives respond within minutes to verify loan application information and extend offers. View our retail items by visiting a branch or contact us for more information.