Emergency Loans for Bad Credit and Good Credit

Life is unexpected, and even the best of budgets can experience a financial crisis. A wide variety of circumstances can cause households to seek financial support: an injury, business setback, family tragedy, or even the illness of a beloved pet. If you’ve recently discovered the need for an emergency money loan, an installment loan might be your best option. This type of loan offers valuable assistance in some situations.

How Do Emergency Loans Work?

Installment loans are ones that are paid in ongoing, fixed regular installments. A borrower and a lender agree upon the terms and duration of the loan in advance and depending on the amount borrowed, a repayment schedule and interest rate are determined. Although the duration of repayment periods can vary, they must be done in a minimum of five separate scheduled installments. Emergency expenses become manageable when they are divided up into these installments.

Application Requirements and Details

Western Shamrock offers installment loans for emergency expenses in amounts up to $2,000 depending on state law. Anyone applying for an installment loan must be at least 18 years or older and cannot be active in the military nor their dependent.

Many factors enter into our lending decisions including an applicant’s full credit history, income, and availability of collateral. In addition to beginning their application over the phone, customers may visit us at any of our local branches to discuss their loan options. After becoming a customer with Western Shamrock, customers may make payments in person on their emergency loan debt via debit card transactions, money orders, checks, and cash.

Reliable Customer Service

Western Shamrock understands the time-sensitivity of loan applications – especially those needed for emergency expenses – which is why our representatives strive to contact applicants within half an hour after an application submission. While we cannot approve everyone, we make lending decisions based upon more than a single credit score; our loan officers evaluate applicants’ complete debt-to-income ratio. Our customers value the personalized attention that they receive from our representatives online, over the phone, and at our local branches. We strive to treat every borrower as a unique individual, and to establish a friendly long-term business relationship. Contact us today to see how our team can help you.