Need cash in advance? Western Shamrock provides cash loans with affordable repayment

An individual may need a cash loan if an unexpected financial emergency arises. For instance, he or she might seek out extra funds if an urgent car repair is suddenly needed or an expensive medical bill pops up without warning. However, cash installment loans are not intended solely for emergencies. They can be used to help finance your next home renovation or serve as spending money for a family vacation. Whatever the reason why you may need extra money, a cash loan might be the solution.

Reliable Lending Process

An installment loan is a financial agreement that allows individuals to borrow a large sum of money that they can repay with interest to their lender in a series of fixed installments. These types of loans can help fund large purchases by giving the borrower a longer time period to pay for the expense. An installment loan can be used for any purpose, including car repairs, medical bills, student loan payments, or even travel.

Applying at Western Shamrock

Our loan application process can be started online or in-branch, where the applicant will be asked to submit basic information such as name, address, employment history, references, and military status. Unfortunately, we cannot extend loan offers to members of the military or their dependents. Upon submitting your online application, it will be sent to the nearest Western Shamrock branch, where a representative will contact you in as soon as half an hour to collect further information. They will run your credit, collect more personal information, and offer you a loan, if approved. Loan amounts vary based on the location of the affiliated office, with the ability to borrow up to $3000 in some states.

Our lending decisions are based on an applicant’s debt-to-income ratio as well as full credit history, income, and available collateral if applicable. Cash loans can be either secured or unsecured. Borrowers must come into a local branch to both finalize their loan offer and make their monthly payments. Cash, check, debit card, and money orders are our accepted forms of payment.

Find Out More

A cash installment loan can help you meet your needs. Western Shamrock has branch locations in four states and loan decisions and offers are made more quickly than banks and other traditional lenders. You can begin the application at any time online or go into a Western Shamrock branch during normal business hours to consult with one of our friendly representatives. Contact us to find out how Western Shamrock can get you the money that you need.