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At Western Shamrock Corporation, we know what matters most to you each tax season is filing your taxes fast, accurately, and maximizing your refund. We have a trained and experienced staff ready to work with you to achieve that goal. In fact, if you schedule your appointment early we can do most of the work ahead of time saving you valuable time during tax season! We even have tax advances up to $5000 for eligible customers to provide you with the cash you need the day you need it! Here are some other great benefits of doing your taxes with Western Shamrock Corporation this year:

  • We can get your money faster than waiting for a mailed IRS check.
  • We will be able to print your check as quickly as 6-15 days.
  • Trust your taxes with local people who are open year round.
  • Fast and Accurate Tax Preparation!
  • $5000 Advance Refund Feature
  • We offer discounted dependent tax returns when we file a qualifying parent’s return.
  • We offer $25 off all tax return preparation through 2-2-19


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