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Consumer Resources

Make the most of your healthcare coverage with out-of-pocket cost estimators and additional resources to better understand your medical and dental plan benefits.

Avoiding Surprises in your Medical Bills - A Guide for Consumers

Learn the questions to ask to avoid surprises with your medical bills. Understanding the scope of procedures and providers can help you better plan for your medical expenses.

How to Create and Manage a Budget

Creating a budget will help to ensure that you have funds reserved for anticipated needs as well as unexpected emergencies. Learn how to get started here.

Monthly Budget Calculator

This calculator allows you to enter your income and various expenses, providing insight into where your money goes each month and guidelines for better saving practices.

Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator

Learn how much money you can save by following the “snowball method” of paying off multiple debts. This method prioritizes paying off high balances first.

Glossary of Financial Terms

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with finances, especially if a lot of the language is unfamiliar to you. Refer to this glossary to quickly look up term definitions.

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