What You Should Know About Boat Loans in Texas

Boats are a popular pastime in Texas. With plenty of lakes, rivers, streams, and the Gulf Coast nearby, Texas is a great destination for boating trips. Many residents in Texas own their own boats. Owning a boat can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s important to think of all the costs associated with boat ownership before you consider buying one. High-quality boats are not only expensive to purchase but also entail a sizable cost of ownership and maintenance.

Western Shamrock Corporation proudly offers boat loans to Texas residents who need a bit of financial assistance in purchasing their first boat. Our company can offer up to $1,480 in boat loans, including boat loans for bad credit, to qualified borrowers in Texas. While this may not be enough to fully cover the cost of purchasing a new boat, it can offer the required flexibility to handle the tax, tags, and license fees as well as necessary equipment purchases that a new boat requires.

Loans for Texas Boat Enthusiasts

With nearly 600,000 registered boats in Texas, the Lone Star State ranks sixth for boat ownership in the nation. If you want to count yourself among their ranks, a boat loan can provide the little bit of extra wiggle room you need to make the purchase with confidence. It’s not uncommon for a Texas resident to find a boat they like and save for the purchase, only to realize they neglected to account for the many additional fees and accessories they’ll need to be safe and fully registered on the water.

Getting a boat loan in Texas can provide extra funds to those who may have less-than-stellar credit and need a helping hand. Most creditors look at credit scores to determine if a borrower is a safe choice, and bad credit can significantly limit financing options. Western Shamrock assesses your budget, financial situation, and willingness to repay your boat loan, and we don’t base our decision to provide you with a loan on your credit score alone. In fact, smaller personal loans like boat loans from Western Shamrock may help improve a borrower’s credit.

Choose a Reliable Lender

For help purchasing a boat or extra liquidity to pay for the associated costs of new boat ownership, Western Shamrock can help. Our team offers bad credit boat loans to Texas residents for up to $1,480 with straightforward repayment terms. We can help you purchase the boat you want to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Get started with your application today and visit any of our Texas branches for more detailed information about the boat loan that is right for you.

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