Bad Credit Personal Installment Loans in Missouri

Your credit score is an important metric. Over time, your credit score will fluctuate based on how well you keep track of your bills and various financial decisions. Most lending institutions and creditors use your credit score to determine the viability of extending credit or granting a loan. Unfortunately, if you live in Missouri, bad credit could severely limit your ability to secure financial assistance when you need it most.

When unexpected expenses arise, you may not be able to pay for them out of pocket. Additionally, poor financial choices in the past and even some things completely beyond your control, such as losing a job to downsizing or a serious injury, may leave you unable to pay your bills on time. Bad credit happens for many possible reasons, and Western Shamrock Corporation is here to help.

Missouri Financing Options for Bad Credit

Missouri residents typically have several options when it comes to securing additional credit, consolidating their debts, or paying for sudden emergency expenses like hospital bills or required vehicle repairs. Zero-interest balance transfer credit cards, home equity loans, and other types of loans may help, but these options are generally only accessible to those with good credit. If you have bad credit in Missouri, you aren’t out of options.

Whether you are looking for a loan in Springfield, Joplin or West Plains – Western Shamrock offers Missouri residents bad credit personal installment loans of up to $1,500 depending on your financial needs and ability to manage repayment. Unlike other lending companies that only want to provide loans to “sure bets,” we believe in taking a case-by-case approach to granting loans.

A personal installment loan is a very straightforward financial agreement. You apply for the loan by providing all required financial information, and then the lender reviews your application and need for financial assistance to grant or reject the loan. When you receive a personal installment loan, you receive the full sum all at once to use as you deem fit and then pay it back over time. Instead of paying a large hospital bill or an extensive vehicle repair all at once out of pocket, you can get what you need immediately and pay it back over time.

Personal Installment Loans

One of the best perks to securing a bad credit personal installment loan in Missouri is ease of application. One of the hardest parts of securing financial assistance when you need it most through most lenders is the lengthy application process.

At Western Shamrock, we provide personal installment loans of up to $1,500 with straightforward terms and repayment rules. We understand that bad credit can be completely beyond your control, and your credit score may not accurately reflect recent financial decisions you have made. We analyze your financial need and ability to handle repayment, streamlining loans for Missouri borrowers with bad credit.

A bad credit personal loan can also provide significant advantages over other types of financial assistance that may be unavailable to those with a poor credit score:

  • While you may qualify for a home equity loan, you are essentially putting up your house as collateral and the market could shift dramatically. Eventually, you may owe more on this type of loan than your home is worth. A bad credit personal loan is much more manageable and entails far less risk.
  • Borrowing against your 401(k) could also jeopardize your future. While you may be able to secure some additional financial flexibility with this route, you will likely incur all kinds of fines and penalties for withdrawing from your retirement account too soon. A bad credit loan can provide the short-term relief you need without incurring long-term complications.
  • A zero-interest balance transfer credit card could be a good way to eliminate smaller debts all at once and essentially roll them into one monthly payment. However, if you don’t repay the balance before the zero-interest period ends, you could spend far more than you expected. You may not qualify for these cards with bad credit, either. Instead of risking making your credit worse with another credit card, an installment loan for bad credit can help you handle your situation while you continue to rebuild your credit.
These options may seem realistic, but with poor credit, it’s best to stick with lending options that are straightforward and as easy to manage as possible.

Choose a Reasonable and Reliable Lender for Bad Credit Personal Loans in Missouri

When you need help out of a tight financial spot fast, you may find your bad credit to be more of a hindrance than you realized. Luckily, Western Shamrock is here to help with installment loans for bad credit. We look at your financial needs and your ability to handle repayment to determine eligibility – not just your credit score.

Our team will work with you to determine a repayment plan that suits your needs so that you can handle unplanned expenses with confidence. Get started with your bad credit personal loan application today and the Western Shamrock team will promptly let you know how we can help.

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