Whether you need to pay bills, stay afloat until the next paycheck, handle an emergency situation or consolidate previous debt, there are many reasons why financial assistance is sometimes needed. Installment loans and their fixed payments are a manageable solution to these financial stressors. For those with poor credit histories, getting personal loans for bad credit or no credit can be a difficult task.


Traditional installment loans are a reasonable option for those looking to build their credit. Lenders provide a lump sum of money to the borrower, as agreed upon in a contract, and the borrower repays it with interest over a series of fixed installments. Installment loans can help to build credit as lenders report on-time payments being made towards paying off the loan. Western Shamrock provides secured and unsecured traditional installment loans nationwide in varying amounts depending on applicable state laws.


The application process can begin online or at a local branch. Basic information such as name, phone, address, employment history, loan amount, and references are collected and, if completed online, emailed to the closest associated branch. A branch representative will then contact the applicant within half an hour to collect further information and run a selective credit review to access overall credit condition.

We make our lending decisions based on an applicant’s debt to income ratio as well as their credit history and employment and residency stability. Applicants must be 18 years or older, and Western Shamrock cannot extend loan offers to military members or their dependents. If offered a loan, customers can walk into a local branch to sign loan documents and receive their check. We accept repayment in the form of cash, check, or debit card.


Installment loans are a viable option for those with bad credit seeking financial assistance, and Western Shamrock can supply funds faster than a traditional bank. In addition to online and phone services, we maintain multiple branches across the nation for in-person customer service. Get started on your application today.

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