How to Plan a Baby Shower When You’re on a Budget

Hosting a baby shower is exciting but it can also be stressful. The prospect of paying for a shower can be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful planning an elegant and enjoyable baby shower on a budget is definitely doable.

Here are some top tips on hosting a baby shower that fits your budget—without sacrificing any shower staples.


Consider Hosting at Home

An expensive venue isn’t a necessity for parents, friends, and loved ones to have a good time. Having a baby shower at home can save tons of money and can allow you to customize the event by purchasing your own food and drinks.

Hosting a shower at home doesn’t limit your options. If your home doesn’t have an open space conducive to parties, consider taking the party outside, or to a public park.


Opt for Digital Invites

Digital invitations are environmentally friendly and can save money in the process. Sites like Paperless Post offer a wide selection of baby shower templates to choose from. Picking an online option is as easy as choosing a design that aligns with your theme.

Switching to digital provides logistic benefits as well. You can track RSVPs easily and manage your guest list. If you’d rather keep paper invites, consider making a compromise and switching to digital post-baby shower thank you notes.


Download Free, Printable Games

Incorporating games into your baby shower is a fantastic way to keep guests excited and entertained. Luckily, you don’t need to spend big on shower games and supplies to have fun. To start, sites like The Spruce have some great printable possibilities.

Alternatively, DIY games like “Guess the Craving” require only a pack of sticky notes and some input from the mom-to-be. Or, ask guests to bring a baby photo of themselves and play “Guess the Baby.” All of these options are great budget-friendly ways to entertain guests.


Use Existing Decor to Build Your Theme

Decor can be a cost that can add up quickly. To ease the burden, you don’t need to start from the ground up. If you have an assortment of leftover Easter decorations or generic birthday decorations in the closet, you can repurpose those for a new theme.

Take a look at what you already have lying around the house, or ask a friend if they have anything for you to borrow. Repurposed decorations can save money and allow you to flex your creative juices, all at once.


Skip the Expensive, Gourmet Cake

When it comes to cake, you can keep it simple. Rather than relying on a gourmet baker, consider some lower-cost options. Often, local grocery stores or wholesale clubs have options on hand you can customize at half the cost. Or, you can even try making some tasty homemade treats of your own.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to blow through your budget when planning a baby shower. After all, guests are there to celebrate the parents-to-be, and that doesn’t cost a cent.


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