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Personal Loan Services in Monett, MO

Western Finance Monett, MO

Western Shamrock Corporation is proud to have Western Finance, your local loan company, located in Monett, Missouri. Western Finance offers Secured and Unsecured Traditional Installment Loans up to $1,000, Credit Starter Loans, and Tax Preparation Services. With highly trained staff, Financial Services for your Family, experienced Tax Preparation Services and more, Western Finance is your local Loan Company in Monett and the surrounding area.

Our company strives to offer top-notch customer service with our core values at the forefront. Our Monett, Missouri customers look forward to seeing our SMILE when they visit our local loan branch and choose us as their lender. We pride ourselves on our level of SERVICE, MOTIVATION, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY, and EMPOWERMENT.

Offering a wide range of personal loan options and financial services in 8 states and Mexico and we are here to help you. Since our humble beginnings in 1965, we’ve been helping our customers with a wide variety of financial services – whether they are looking to establish a new line of credit, finance consumer merchandise, or prepare their taxes. If you’re looking for loan services in the Monett, MO area, our experienced staff at Western Finance can help you today. Contact us today to see how we can help by calling or visiting our office located at 600 Dairy St, Ste. G in Monett, MO.

Monett was founded in 1887. It was named for an agent of the New York Central Railroad. The St. Louis–San Francisco Railway (the “Frisco”), then known as the South Pacific Railroad, passed through the present location of Monett in 1870. In 1875, a group of Waldensians founded a congregation in the town. When it began building a branch to Texas in 1880, the new branch left the main line at this location and a small community called Plymouth or Plymouth Junction grew up around the railroad junction and flag station. The postal name of the town during this period was Gonten, named after the postmaster. In 1887, the Frisco moved its local division point from Pierce City to Plymouth, which was considerably enlarged by the railroad and renamed Monett.

We offer secured and unsecured traditional installment loans (TIL’s) under $1,000, as well as credit starter loans. Unlike Payday Loans or Title Loans, which are paid off in a one-time balloon payment, Traditional Installment Loans are paid off in affordable, equal monthly payments. Accounts are reported to the credit bureau, and there is no penalty for early repayment. Traditional installment loans provide Americans with a tried and true alternative to payday lending, offering the opportunity to rehabilitate poor credit and build wealth for the future. These loans are radically different from payday loans in how they are structured, priced, and regulated; making them a smarter option for borrowers.

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